Your no-nonsense guide to a simple, effective skin care routine.

Overwhelmed by options when it comes to skincare products? No time for complicated 10 step routines? It’s time to get back to basics. I’ll step you through the key products for fuss-free skincare, why you need them and when to use them. Armed with this guide, you’ll discover a simple yet super effective routine for happy, healthy skin.

Cleanser (daily)

Every good skin care routine starts with a cleanser. Even if you go makeup free, cleansers are still important to polish away dirt and pollution from the day and the buildup of oil overnight. Cleansing also prepares your skin for the next steps in your routine, allowing moisturiser and serum to penetrate deeply for maximum effect. My Cleanser is a nourishing blend of cucumber, avocado and chamomile. It’s powerfully cleansing for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Use daily, morning and night as the first step in your routine.

Serum (daily)

Skincare serums are light, fast absorbing liquids which can be used with or as an alternative to moisturiser. Made up of smaller molecules that deeply penetrate the skin, serums offer a higher concentration of performance ingredients for use under a moisturiser. It’s a simple addition to skincare that can really boost results. My hydrating and hardworking Serum targets sun damaged skin, reducing the look of fine lines and age spots. It also helps heal scars and repair damaged skin. Apply serum in the evenings, after cleansing and before moisterising.

Moisturiser (daily)

A good moisturiser is one of the most customisable steps in a simple yet effective skincare routine. Applied after cleansing, every skin type needs hydration, even oily skin, and applying moisturiser daily keeps skin soft and healthy. My Facial Moisturiser hydrates and helps slow signs of aging, the powerful combination of organic rosehip oil and vitamin C work together to promote collagen synthesis. Apply moisturiser after serum.

Hydration (daily)

Hydration is a must for skin health. While knocking back your daily 8 glasses of H20 is important, it may not be a sufficient solution to remedy dehydrated skin. Hydrated skin slows down the visible signs of aging, rids skin of toxins and fights the overproduction of oil. My Face and Body Mist will soothe and rehydrate skin; lemon, woody hints of eucalyptus and cedarwood and soothing chamomile will leave you feeling instantly revitalised. As a bonus, the essential oils keep annoying insects away!

Exfoliant (once a week)

Your cleanser is great for washing away the daily build up of dirt and pollutants but you’ll need to treat your skin to a deeper clean on a regular basis too. Hello exfoliant! Your skin naturally sheds dead skin on it’s own but an exfoliant works to speed up the process. Skin appears refreshed and smoother after the exfoliant polishes away the old cells. If you’re plagued by large pores, regular exfoliation will help tighten and reduce their appearance, not to mention lift out the excess oil responsible for breakouts. I recommend exfoliating once a week, after using your cleanser. Pink Kaolin Clay is an active ingredient in my invigorating Face And Body Scrub. The clay has a profound ability to absorb toxins from the skin while combating skin irritation and dryness. Use weekly, following your cleanser.