Are Nushka products good for sensitive skin?
Yes Nushka Skincare is gentle on sensitive skin. 

Can i apply Nushka Skincare on my Acne prone skin?
Yes, our products have shown a great improvement with acne and breakouts.

Is Nushka Skincare only for mature skin types?
Nushka Skincare products are tailored for most skin types.

How long does the Moisturiser last? 
If used once daily as recommended, our moisturiser can last up to 90 days.

Am I still able to use this product as my skin gets irritated easliy? 
Yes! Nushka Skincare doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients. If you’re worried, you can always test the products on a small patch of skin.

Do I need to use a serum with a moisturiser?
Yes, we suggest applying a serum at night. Serums are highly concentrated, providing long term results as well as rejuvenating your skin whilst you sleep.